College: School, Work, and a Social life oh my!

October 22, 2017

In college it seems like you need to know how to do it all right? Need good grades and an great GPA, need a job to pay to be able to do things like pay bills or go out with friends, and need to make tome to go out with said friends. It sounds easy right? But we all know it is anything but. Here are a few tips and tricks I use to maintain a well balanced college lifestyle!

Utilize a planner.   I feel like having a planner in college is so important to keep up with everything, I know some people like to keep things in the calendar in their phone or computer and thats great, it works. But for me I like to have everything written down where I can see it plus writing things down is how I remember the.

Scheduling. I know it sounds funny but keeping your self on a day to day schedule is key. I have classes Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays for most of the day as well as taking online classes. (I’m actually currently taking 25 credit hours, which if you’re in college you that this is a large amount.) Tuesdays and Thursdays I work as many hours as I can to earn money and sometimes I pick up extra shifts if I have the free time. As for working in social time, well thats easy. You don’t have to always go out to parties to hang out with your friends. A few of my friends and I have a study group that meets every Monday and Wednesday after dinner its fun and we get work done.

Take breaks. College is a constant state of go go go for me. Its overwhelming really how much always seems to be going on. Between meetings, classes, clubs, game days, study groups, nights out, and whatever event is going on that week it gets crazy way fast. While taking a break seems like the last thing you want to do its helpful and gives you room to breathe and process whats going on.

Say no. Heres the thing, you can say no. You don’t not have to go out every night, you don’t have to be in that study group with that girl you don’t get alone with, you don’t have to join that club because your roommate or whoever is in it. You do what you want to do, thats the beauty of college. You get to make choices and decisions for you own good. Embrace it.

I hope you get use out of the few little tidbits of advice I’ve left for you

-With love, Brittany Michelle

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