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October 17, 2017

Alright alright, it’s been a minute or two hasn’t it? This post might be a little all over the place but I want to give you an update about whats been going on. If you weren’t aware my ever so wonderful and loving boyfriend is in the U.S Navy which means I really don’t get to see his as much as I wish I could right now. It’s hard but thats fine because I’m proud of him and how much he’s grown since I’ve know him and the Navy is a huge part of that so I support it 100 percent.
Moving right along, when I DO get to see him (this is going to sound so sappy but who cares) I go all heart eyes and its like falling in love over and over again. I’m lucky enough that Matthew is stationed a few hours from where I live so I get to see him every few weekends. We spend a lot of time just laying around in bed which I don’t mind at all. But on the rare occasion we go out its normally to eat, Matt likes to take me out to dinner on Fridays, Saturdays (if we both leaving the house) are followed up by either me dragging him around bookstores or him dragging me around looking for guitars.
A few Sundays ago a few of our friends invited us up to Charlotte where we went to the Renaissance Fair. It was very different than anything I’ve ever done before and totally something I couldn’t see myself going to alone. Think medieval times, everyone was dressed up and talked like the were in the era, it was so nifty! Lots of foods and events and shows to attend; I had a blast really, the boys say we’re all going back next year but dressed up (yeah right) but still it was a good time.
Between school and work right now I pretty much live for the weekends, and right now that NC State fair is happening! I live pretty close to the Raleigh which is where the fair is helding and this past Sunday I spent the whole day there with some of my family, we rode rides and played games but my favorite part is the food. From the fried Oreos to chocolate dipped cheesecake! I always end up throwing myself into a tiny food coma buts its so worth it, the fair only comes once a year. Im going again on Friday with a few of my friends from school so I might do a whole blog post on the fair alone? Not sure but we’ll see!

-With love, Brittany Michelle

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