September favorites

October 2, 2017

With September at an end what better way to end the month than with the few things I’ve been absolutely loving this month?
One | These adorable bow top mules have because a recent favorite of mine they’re a cute twist on a trendy shoe. They have become some of my go to slip on because you can dress them up or down and its so so easy to slide them on and get out the door when I’m in a hurry!

Two | I picked this candle up from bath and body works and fell in love. Its the perfect fall scent, I light it before I go to bed at night while I’ reading

Three | This trench coat was a must have for me. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one for ages and this more from the gap was to die for. Im a bit on the shorter side so it hits me closer to my thighs which is what I wanted.

Four | I got these monogrammed loafers as a gift from my mom I go through flats like is no ones business so she thought these would last a bit longer. They have a plaid pair too but I get much more use out of the black.

Five | Guys, this purse is my everything lately. Its on the smaller side but for me it was great. I don’t cary a wallet around campus, in my opinion they get in the way. I have a card holder on the back of my phone where I keep everything I need so this purse is great because all I ever really carry is my phone, keys, glasses, and typically some chapstick or lip gloss.

Six | In honor of Jo Nesbos book The Snowman becoming a movie I simply had to re-read the book. Im a huge bookworm and mystery novels have the key to my heart and this one is one that can keep you enthralled and not wanting to put it down!

-With love, Brittany Michelle

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