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September 30, 2017

Now, I wish I could say this isn’t my first blog post but let’s be real. It totally is, but I’m going to embrace it with open arms because while I’d love to pretend I know what I’m doing I pretty much don’t and thats okay everyone has to start somewhere!

Hello darlings! My name is Brittany Michelle I’m a 20 year college student in my third year. I study Criminal Justice and plan to attend law school after I graduate this next year. Now I say thats my plan but the funny thing about making plans is that life has a way of throwing you some curveballs at the last moment. I’m from just out side of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Which in case you didn’t know is an army town, home to Fort Bragg. I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life, I even attend school only a few hours away at Campbell University. Growing up here wasn’t to bad sometimes the friends you make come and go a lot but you learn to deal with it. But also not having the same friend group year after year let me become very family oriented. And thats saying quite a bit with the size of my family!

To start of my family tree I’ll begin with letting you know I’m the oldest of me and my siblings. All together there are nine of us, a lot I know but we aren’t all full-blood. My mom had me at a young age with my father. They didn’t stay together and thats okay because I have a happy family on both sides. Through my mother I have one half brother, a half sister and two step sisters. Then on my fathers side I have two half sisters, a step sister and a step brother. Thats not even the best part! To make things easy of others I group them off by age. We have the three that will all be 15 by the end of 2017, three that will all be 10 come early 2018, and the 2 that don’t fit in an age group at all. With this large group comes so many other responsibilities as the oldest I took it upon myself to be the one they look up too. It doesn’t always work out the way we plan though here comes one of those curveballs I mentioned earlier.

I was doing a decent job of being someone to look up to (in my opinion) until my sophomore year of college, I got involved with a guy who was bad for me. Not in the sense he was a bad person because he wasn’t by any means. But he was bad for me in terms of my mental health. We wanted two totally different things out of life and because of that I let him convince me what he wanted was better for me then what I wanted for myself. It sent me into depression, had me second guessing myself and just not wanting to be around others. He didn’t approve of the things I liked or my friends and I realize now more so than I did at the time just how much time I was spending alone and how and it was for me. We ended the relationship and I have recovered bit by bit with the passing time thanks to family and the few friends that stuck with me through the hard times. I’ve learned that my voice matters, what I want for myself and my future matters, and that I can wear what I want and spend my time with who I please because I am a grown women and I refuse to let someone tell me otherwise, not anymore.

A huge part in my recovery is because of my very best friend (and now boyfriend) he has always been there for me and put me on a pedestal somedays I’m not sure I deserve to be on but his never ending love and support has helped me and inspired me. And thats what I want to do for others, I want you to know you can reach out and talk to me. I am a real person with real problems just like you. I’m here if you need to talk or want to rant I’ve always been a great listener.

The last thing I want to put out there is that I am so incredibly excited to start this journey with y’all and I hope you enjoy this wild ride as much as I plan too!

-With love, Brittany Michelle 

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