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Blogmas Day 3: Best Christmas Playlist

December 19, 2019

I’ve done the research and I’ve checked it twice, so with that being said, I’m sharing two playlists from Spotify that have the best Christmas songs. Enjoy XX Playlist # One Playlist # Two…

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Blogmas Day Two: Emilia’s Christmas outfits

December 5, 2019

Hey, Y’all, I had a few messages about Emilia’s outfit she was wearing on my Instagram the other day, so I decided to make a whole blog post on her Christmas outfits. So, I went a little overboard with getting her some Christmas outfits, Belk was having a sale and I had to have them all. But I settled for three LOL. Two are from…

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Blogmas Day One- Our Christmas movie watchlist

December 4, 2019

Home Alone Christmas with the Kranks A Christmas Story Elf The Santa Clause The Polar Express The Grinch (the new one because Emilia loves it) The Nightmare Before Christmas It’s a wonderful life Home alone 2 I’ll be home for Christmas A Christmas Carol Jack Frost The Christmas Chronicles This is just the list to start there’s also all the Disney movies and the hallmark…

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What I keep in my diaper bag for my six month old

November 26, 2019

The first item is the diaper bag it’s self, I carry a fawn design bag but I will also link a cheaper alternative right here. Moving on to what I keep in the big pocket: I have a travel case full of things like gripe water, pacis, hand & face wipes, hand sanitizer, and teether & paci wipes. I also keep a clear travel case…

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A Year of Emilia Ann: Months 4-6

November 20, 2019

I’m sure as I write this you can somehow hear me sobbing hysterically through the screen, but don’t judge okay? I’m emotional as I write this because while I knew this post was going up soon it feels like just yesterday I brought my baby home, but I’m here today to recap my baby life for the last few months. Enjoy! Xx Month four with…

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Friday Favorites

November 8, 2019

Hey, Y’all! Thanks for stopping by, today I’m going to share a few products my family and I have been loving lately! I always have so much fun putting these together and I thought it would be a fun first pot of November (I know right? NOVEMBER!) Enjoy xx Friday Favorites Aldi’s Grocery Store So if you read my most recent blog post I talked…

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Aldis Grocery Haul + Comparison

November 2, 2019

Hey, Y’all! SO yesterday I posted my first youtube video! But I wanted to also write a blog post about the things I got and compare it to Food Lion because that’s where I normally do our grocery shopping. I didn’t expect a huge difference in price but I will say I was surprised and I will be shopping at Aldis more often from now…

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Current Favorites: Baby Products!

October 27, 2019

Hi guys! Today I’m doing current favorites but baby addition! Everything mentioned will be linked at the bottom of this post and you can always see the products in use over on my instagram. I think I’ve done one of these already, I can’t remember it’s been so long but if I have, I’ll make sure to link it at the bottom of this post!…

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Darling Gossip NO. 7- I’m a bad mom

September 24, 2019

Hi friends, now that I have your attention let me clarify, I am not a bad mother. But there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with how I’m choosing to raise my baby. And on some days it gets to me more than others. Today I’m fighting back. Reasons I’m a “bad mom” Sometimes we co-sleep– There are some nights Emilia wakes up and…

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Dear Freshmen…

August 29, 2019

School is back and while I’m not in school any longer I know so many people are, and I know what it’s like. Being the new kid, new grades, new school, new people. This one’s for you. Sometimes it feels like everyone is staring at you, they’re not. You’re not the only new one. There are other freshmen who are new and looking for friends…

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